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With the technology that's out there, you can do it yourself, right?

Right, many people do choose to set up their own files.

If that is the route you choose, I am happy to assist you with the printing and making

sure your files are "print ready". 

But, before you invest your time in doing all that work, here are 5 reasons

that hiring a graphic designer might be the way to go.


#1. Hiring a designer can save you time!

As a small business owner, you already have a great deal on your plate. Why invest your time

or staff time in learning layout software and figuring out a layout. Get your marketing materials 

done quickly using a designer who is accustomed to compiling information into a logical eye catching piece.


#2. Hiring a designer can save you money - and actually make you money!

Designers do more than just provide you with great artwork. They can guide you through selecting the

most appropriate or cost effective methods of print. There is much more to great design than just

producing a piece that looks good. Proper placement, font usage and colour are all tools that can drive

sales of specific products or services.


#3. There is a method to our artistic madness.

A good logo, business card, flyer or a restaurant menu is much more than something that is just visually appealing. Good design conveys a message. Polished, professional design and branding makes your business stand out from the others, as more memorable and conveys trust-worthiness and professionalism.

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Make those seconds count.


#4. Save yourself the Headaches.

Have your artwork designed properly the first time. There are many technical aspects to consider. Does your logo becomes fuzzy when it is increased in size or you sent files to a printer only to learn your artwork was not in the right colour format, or didn't have bleed.

Having a professional set up your artwork saves you headaches in the long run.






Why hire a graphic designer?

It never hurts to ask. 

For a no pressure quote call 416.389.8907 or 905.729.4881


It's not as expensive as you might think!

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